Q & A

Q & A

Can I drive home after surgery?

You must have someone present in the office and drive you home if your procedure involves any type of sedation or general anesthesia.

What is the typical recovery period?

Recovery will vary depending on the type and extent of your surgery. This question will be reviewed with you during the initial consultation.

If your occupation involves physical work, you may need to plan on a few extra days of recovery before going back to work.

I do not have insurance. Can I make payments?

Alternate financing may be available for your situation. Please contact our office for information on financial arrangement options.

Are insurance claims filed under my medical or dental insurance?

Oral surgery may be filed under either coverage. Some procedure are considered “dental” and are filed under your dental plan.

Likewise, those procedures considered “medical” are filed with your medical insurer.

During your consultation, we will determine which action is appropriate for your situation.

Can I eat before surgery?

If you are having intravenous anesthesia, you must not eat or drink for at least eight (8) hours prior to surgery. If you forget and eat, your procedure will be postponed or re-scheduled. This is for your own safety.

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